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tv   Fox 29 News Special Empire Wrap  FOX  May 14, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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♪ >> we know you just cannot get enough of cookie, lucious, lyon family and, of course, empire. so get ready for a look behind the scenes, some deleted scenes, and interviews with the actors who play all of your favorite characters. good evening, guys i'm alex local holley and this is a special long addition of the empire wrap up. >> i'm excited. i'm quincy harris. season two finally is just days away. you got to know we have a lot of connections here in philly with the mega hit show empire. the genius behind the whole series lee daniels is from philly. >> we like to claim him, don't we. >> of course, we do. we wanted to trace roots of the man who makes all of the magic in fox 29's dave kinchen sat down with the woman who brought him into this world, lee daniels mother, for a look behind the man behind the empire and tragedy that she says, helped shape his future. >> i'll be dam if somebody
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will take me away. >> reporter: lucious will stop at nothing to regain his thrown but the boss lady. >> momma has something to do with it. >> reporter: and lyons deal with life changing tragedy. just some of the many plot twists and turns coming your way. >> ♪ >> reporter: now that empire is back on fox 29. arguablably the hottest show on tv made from one of the coolest guys on tv, hollywood king maker lee daniels. >> he be the boss. >> reporter: who would know better than claire may daniels his mother and perhaps only other boss in the family. >> it has to be his way. he is going to make it right. >> reporter: true hit maker with the keen eye that works in the director's chair making sure every cast and crew member is on point. >> they would do anything, they will do flips. they will do flips just because they know that there is something there. and it is something good that will come out. everybody is going to have a little will piece of the pie.
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>> reporter: mom says daniels had his eye on the prize since day one. >> from an infant, he had a flare, about him. >> reporter: even getting what he wanted with friends. >> he had to be the the boss. he had to tell them how you to act, what to say, how to say it. and it was just a charm. it was fun. >> reporter: some of those names you know. >> will smith, who lived right around the corner. jazzy jeff. >> reporter: jeff is oldest on have five kid, and he almost lost that flare when his father a philly cop, was killed in the line of duty. >> that is when god stepped in, really stepped in. >> reporter: and daniels stepped into god's house, african episcopal church of saint thomas now located in overbrook farms. >> god moves funny, and in funny ways. he says he is at the right place at the right time. it is like a shield is looking over my family. >> reporter: cornerstone institution first black
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episcopal church in the nation became a corner stone for daniels. >> he grew up directing, this is where he was baptized. this is where he was confirmed. this is where he actually went through his childhood through adulthood. >> he prays, if i'm there around him, he does his devotionals. he reads his bible. i think that it gives him the energy to stay focused on what it is, that he is trying to do. >> reporter: using theater and entertainment to take on tough issues like race. >> i necessity a black man in america, you you can't be like that. >> reporter: and love. his oscar winning productions monster's ball. >> these are today's issues. a lot of people don't like issues, of today, but they are real. and things that happen on that show, they are for real. >> i love you.
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you are in love with your music. >> reporter: empire has lee daniels tackling tough issues like gay relationships, often considered taboo in the black community. he has america talking about family violence too. >> lucious, no. >> a lot of little incidents are true, i'm not going to tell you which ones they are. but they are very true. you see, these are from experiences that he experienced growing up. >> even they they may be hard for some to actually acknowledge and view on television, it is real. >> ♪ >> reporter: there is plenty of excitement that goes along with the drama and like a good reporter, i had to get the latest scoop. as season two comes back is there anything you can tell us? >> nope. >> ♪ >> you must watch it. because you know he is twisted
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>> reporter: yes. in west philadelphia, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. she often steals the show with her quick come backs and unforgettable, what did you say unforgettable passion. >> it is unforgettable. >> taraji p henson has a fierce cookie lyons. >> well i got a chance to sit down with her and her uninformation gettable fashion. we had a little girl chat. we talked about the inspiration behind cookie. when she's out in public don't call her cookie. it is not her. i learned the person inspired the character cookie is not even a woman. lets take a look. >> really. >> we love her for the way that she walks, and the way that she talks. >> you need to kill yourself, that back weed up on top of your head. >> and h how she looks while doing it. but who are we really talking about here. cookie lyon from empire, who is a real woman who plays her taraji p henson. they think you are cookie. when you ask taraji about
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cookie she says they're nothing alike. >> i know i'm crazy. >> i'm more refined then she is, i think. i can be nutty and crazy. i pick my battles. i think that she's bigger then i am. >> in fact, taraji says that the inspiration for cookie doesn't even come from a women. >> it is my dad. he had no buffer when he spoke. he was that guy that everybody could go to for advice because he would go and tell you the truth. >> this is the sadest sight i have ever seen. >> it might have been hard to handle but sometimes the truth is. >> yeah. >> a lot of the things that cookie said, or things that my father actually said. >> you see, that is why people connect with cookie so much because she's not afraid to live or tell her truth. >> that is some bull. >> even though she makes playing cookie seem so easy,
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taraji says she really has to put herself aside to play this part. >> that is what we do, that is when you have to put taraji away because i'm going to have to serve the character and not taraji. >> i'm not talking to you. >> and to make the audience believe it. a lot of times that means gagging taraji and throwing her in the closet. >> so people wanted to know you then, what would you say hey, this is taraji, this is me. >> i'm told i'm the life of the party. people know when i'm down because it is night and day. i'm so bubbly when i'm down it is noticeable right away. i like to laugh and have fun. >> that positive attitude toward life is what taraji believes has made her career so successful. >> i didn't have a plan b. i didn't want to fail. i didn't set myself up for failure. i set myself up to succeed in what i wanted to do. >> one of the most defining moments in taraji's life having a baby while still in
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college. >> i was there, with purpose, with goal, and especially when i became a mother in college. i was like, tunnel rigs. >> failure sure seems really far away for the actress now, she won a golden globe and image award for her role in empire but taraji says that doesn't mean she has not had her downs. >> what do you do when moments are not so great, how do you stay optimistic. >> it is hard to stay a positive. i have a great network from friend that will bring me back down to reality. when i'm not as optimistic as i should be, that means i'm letting fear wins. that is nothing but negativity. once i recognize it, that energy runs. >> but as far as all of her success with cookie. >> get your hand off my fur. >> well, let's just say now it is taraji's turn to shine. >> it is a slow, steady pace. nothing happened overnight. i set myself up for this. i made choices in my career that would lead to this, so now i don't pinch myself
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anymore. >> coming up, a one on one interview with philadelphia's own yas the greatest, why he says getting kicked out of the house is the tough love that he needed. >> he admits something he never admitted before. >> um-hmm. >> we will catch up with, empire star breezy while working in the barber shop and hear real life lessons that she says
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♪ >> everybody is really, really mad at hakeem because it haze keep's fault that camille has the company. >> why would you do this to your family. >> i didn't do this to my family, i did it to him. >> but camille then gives the company to hakeem, so it is still back in the family. >> come back to empire, let's be a real family again like we were before. >> lucious is having a plan to get empire back. >> you know lucious always has a evil scheme. >> empire is at stake you can the not be afraid to do whatever is necessary to bring back a victory. >> but, you know, lucious doesn't care about anything now that baby is gone. >> oh, by the way she lost the baby. >> there really is no god, andre. >> and now the only thing
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lucious has to live for is empire. >> you just saw him in that omg moment and is there so many omg moment in the show, philly's own yas the greatest. yes, he plays hakeem. remember folks, he is only 22 but really he is on top of the world, isn't he. >> admits his life could have gone the in the different direction it sure could have. he got kicked out of the house when he was younger but credits that in part for his success. here's what happened when i went one on one with bryshere gray and admits something he never admitted something never before. >> to you. >> um-hmm. >> wow. >> i will stop at nothing to get my company. >> world may recognize him as hakeem. >> did you say what you just said? >> ♪ >> but philly, oh, philly know it is bryshere gray or yas the greatest. nowadays he is dealing with more than just the empire of a
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show, he is build ing a real empire of his own. he is working on a movie. >> it is common very historical to hip-hop. get my dance moves on. >> you want to do some here. >> come on now. >> do you have moves. >> yeah. >> and he is also finding time to drop a new album that will come out this summer. >> i want to put out, you know, just music, i don't care about the ratings or i don't care about how much it sells or nothing like that. i just want to put it out so y'all can hear the music. that is it. i just want to keep continuing to make music. >> ♪ >> you probably can't picture life going any better for this 22-year old, but he tells me at one point back when he was in grade school to picture that certainly didn't look this great. >> i just didn't get it. i would forget doing homework, i don't understand it. eventually i will get to it. and then one day i had to do two months of make up work, just to try to graduate. >> why do you like being a
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girl friend of the ceo. >> that is when he was diagnosed with adhd. >> i need to work. i'm sitting at one spotty feel like i'm wasting my whole time right now. so as a kid in high school i didn't understand i would get out of my seat, walk out of the class, walk around, it is like, you know, now i understand it. >> do you not understand that hakeem. >> back then his walking out caused him to walk into trouble. >> i was fighting every week. i got kick out of overbrook. i had to do my own thing. you know, and i got forced into my community. i got forced into doing things that was cool. >> what point did you learn and say wait, i can't be doing this. >> i learn once i got kicked out of my mom's house, everything was on me to just, you know, i had to get it on my own and make right decisions where it would have took me 30 years to make what i'm making now because i would have been locked up. >> you brought this on yourself. >> yas says his mom's tough love was exactly what he
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needed. >> she absolutely did what she needed to to. it kept me out of trouble, kept me out of jail. >> he was so fixated on his future that he could not keep track of what was happening right in front of him. >> i cannot focus on my schoolwork when i'm trying to focus on my career. i don't want to work at pizza hut my whole life so it is hard to focus on. that i feel like kid just need to focus on the full picture and not just right now. >> that is the message he is trying to spread to others. he appeals for children who are also growing up in philly, won't take life's hard lessons to make a change. >> it is just like that could be me. i want to make sure it gets through that age. >> because sometimes the best advice comes from someone who has been there before. >> because when you are young in this world and you don't have clarity and you don't understand some things, that can make you go crazy. >> ♪ >> even though you may say he is still young himself, he knows, students see his worldwide success and it makes him realize that no matter
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what you have been through, you can achieve it too. >> we're a new generation so we just got to keep going and we have to help each other out. >> ♪ >> yeah. >> coming up, we will go in the studio with the jussie smollet hear why his good enough remake is important enough for him and
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♪ >> rapper empire ago rest breezy ace local girl from philly. >> of course she's from philly. >> she was raised from wilmington delaware and before the music and fame she was a barber. >> really. >> yes. >> that is exactly what she was doing when she talked to our fox cameras in hollywood. here's fox's adam housely. >> reporter: when fox caught up with rapper and empire co-star breezy she was working the crowd and the scissors, the former barber was giving lucky fans a haircut. >> barbering, got the me all the way out here, you know what i mean and in the same place in atlanta from l.a., i was still cutting hair and they can make relations with major people in the industry. nobody really knew it. i didn't even feel like the writer know that was something i did but it just happened to happen.
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>> study little girl. >> reporter: breezy plays a rapper lucious lyon took under his wing and, she learned a lot from terence howard. >> just staying who you are. just learn who he is. it is hard, to see it not conform to what, you know, his opinions or whatever the media says but and stuff like that. i think that he does it well. >> reporter: when it comes to upcoming story lines she says that much of the surprise for her, as it is for viewers. >> so, i mean, we shoot and we shoot but we don't know. i don't know. i haven't seen it. it is a big surprise to you as it is to me. >> reporter: she adds she's just glad to be part of the empire. >> it is a great group of people. taraji is cool. terence is amazing. it is really like a watch and learn type of thing. i just chill, i watch. i got questions. i ask. they answer i them freely. >> reporter: as philly native continues to mix things up with her acting and music, she
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admits none of this would have happened without being casts on the show. >> it has definitely brought attention to who i am. i feel like the world has opened up. it has brought attention to me. the world to my music and my overall will talent. i felt like i'm here for a reason. i just didn't know what that reason was just yet. i knew it would be big. i didn't know it would be this big. >> reporter: in hollywood adam housely for "fox news". >> well, what would empire be without its incredible music and talented artists. >> a lot of good people. >> it is muse that i can brings the show to life. here's a peak inside studio with jussie smollet and he explains why his good enough remix is so special to the show. >> it felt like the reunion of sorts because it was good enough. good enough being the very first song, that i have ever laid down for empire, the very first song might i add that has ever been laid down for
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empire. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and here's another behind the scenes secret from that recording obsession. when other cast member was there when jussie laid those tracks down. is that what they say now. >> yeah, standing in the hot fire, something like that. and it is not from a recording artist but it was gabourey, and she plays lucious's assist tenth becky and bff with jussie on each other's instagram feed and twitter. so they are best friend. >> yes. >> next up we have a deleted scene from empire, someone has a secret boyfriend. >> is that you. >> no, it is not me. >> you. >> no, someone from the show. >> okay. >> w
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♪ >> did you you know on empire, deception is thrown in the mix. >> we love it it complicates things, quincy. >> that is for this deleted section of the show. >> why do you look more like a queen. >> please don't hate. >> you are not a man. >> i cannot have a man. >> i don't know, you are here. >> yes, yes. day and night we will see them for the first time. >> well, be careful because a lot of these dude be in your
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face like they love you but they just want to slide you their demo. >> patrick told me he loves me. so he will go right there. hi, boo, cute, right. i will see you tomorrow, if i get up. >> is that patrick. >> that is patrick. >> that is patrick. >> that is patrick. >> never, ever. >> porsche has a way. you know cookie's assistant porsche. she says that behind the scenes, it is her co-star gabby who makes everybody feel comfortable and gives great advice. it is time, almost here. >> it is wednesday, the season two finally, you can watch right here at 9:00 p.m. you know what on thursday, me and alex will recap on "good day philadelphia". >> of course, we have to recap. it has been a great part two, season two, you know what i wonder what season three will surprise us with. >> we will just to have wait. >> we will see you on "good day philadelphia". 1 underline 1 underline
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